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07:10pm 16/04/2007
you dont have to be in the lgbt community to have support for them.

this is cool. read up on it. and do it. national day of silence - how long does the suffering in silence have to go on?



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07:40pm 15/12/2006
  did anyone else watch the movie WEDDING WARS? i know its late cause it came on..sunday i think it was.. but i have been REALLY busy! does anyone know when its gonna re-air? cause i liked it.


oh yeah.. here is where you can get more info on the movie.. if you want it.

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seeing that october is NATIONAL COMING OUT MONTH... 
04:46pm 24/10/2006
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lol.. thought i'd share with everyone here (dont know how many ppl read this) but yeah.. i am very supportful (is that even a word??) of everyone in the lgbt community. im personally not a member.. but i have friends that are.. and i support them. i show my support by wearing things of the rainbow nature... and since i'm in the mood to share.. i will. lol.. here are some random pix of what i've got on now. :D

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